Dream list of people to join BuckysRoom

+5 Bucky Roberts · August 26, 2014
Here is my dream list of people I want to join BuckysRoom. 

  1. All my friends (except Mitch, f you Mitch)

  2. Barabara4u2c (favorite YouTuber)

  3. Evgeni Malkin (favorite hockey player)

  4. Rachel McAdams

  5. Natalie Portman

  6. Joe Rogan

  7. Taylor Swift

Maybe some day...  :)

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+2 Yannis Sp · August 26, 2014
Why not?But i think Taylor Swift won't be very intrested in the Coding profile of the site :P
0 Jesse Pitman · August 28, 2014
Wow that's actually a really good list lol. Maybe one day!
-3 Gary Murphy · August 29, 2014
1. Elon Musk
2. Larry Page
3. Sergy Brin
4. Tim Berners-Lee
5. Linus Torvalds
6. Richard Stallman

A very geeky list, but oh.. the conversations we could have. 8-)

Otherwise I would also add:

1. Molly Crabapple
2. Russell Brand
And because Joe Rogan has already been chosen:
3.Joey Diaz for a good laugh.

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