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+3 Yannis Sp · August 26, 2014
I found today that site that displays in real time new(i think) css3 effects that one of them is the blur effect which is pretty awesome.Give it a try and tell me if you know any similar site which has awesome css3 effects.

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0 Yannis Sp · August 26, 2014
I don't think the performance is reduced because they are new -webkit- features ,like -webkit-box-orient lets say.
0 Yannis Sp · August 26, 2014
Imagine also the situation where you want the site dynamicly to blur half the image like google+ does with photo covers.
0 Yannis Sp · August 26, 2014
To be honest i haven't tried them yet but i will be very dissapointed if it's slowing down the site a lot :(
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