Avi or H.264

+4 Ivan M. · August 26, 2014
Can anyone tell me what's the difference between AVI and H.264?


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0 Steliyan Petrov · July 6, 2015
Well, as they already mentioned H.264 is an audio encoding, and .avi is a container format, even so I would ABSOLUTELY prefer to use .mov format, since .avi takes up a lot of space, and Quicktime Movies in AE with H.264 audio encoding, best solution ever. :)
0 Nikola Milic · March 24, 2015
I use H.264, and it contains audio :)
+1 Buddy Blackford · August 27, 2014
its a tweaked version of h.264.  i like the compression and quality the most
-1 Ivan M. · August 27, 2014
Why :O
0 Buddy Blackford · August 26, 2014
I use sorenson 3 90% of the time
0 Ivan M. · August 26, 2014
Then I think AVI is better 8-)

Thank you!
+2 Buddy Blackford · August 26, 2014
Also know that h.264 is the compression used for blu-ray discs
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