c++ vs visual basic c++?

+1 Hank Man · August 26, 2014
what is the difference between c++ and visual basic c++?

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0 Ty Church · August 26, 2014
i think what your meaning to say is dev c++ vs visual c++ or did u mean visual c++ vs visual basic?

anyway visual basic is a somewhat "learning language" for programming you can still make some fun things with it but most likely wont be very efficent expecially for larger scale programs while visual c++ is basicly c++ with a gui editor to save time while dev c++ is console based c++ in which case you can still create gui's you just have to code them

thats just my general over view of them hope it helps not very sure what answers about them u where more precisely interested in but hope that helps
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Used in many types of software including music players, video games, and many large scale applications.

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