Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

+2 Predrag Kostic · August 25, 2014
I was just wondering if there was anyone here addicted to Monster Hunter, played it or simply anticipating MH4U early 2015?


If you don't know what Monster Hunter is but you have free time and energy, read this:
or this:

Monster Hunter rulz!

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+2 Buddy Blackford · August 29, 2014
I played the first one all the time but then they released the following ones on consoles I didn't have.  Hopefully they release a PC version for this one!
+1 Predrag Kostic · August 29, 2014
Unless you own a 3DS/3DS XL/2DS , you have very bad luck.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate comes out for the 3DS early 2015 and also a "New 3DS" and "New 3DS LL"(XL in Japanese) has just been announced, so I might as well get both a "New 3DS" & MH4U for my upcoming birthday.
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