The billion dollar idea

+4 J.D Gauchat · August 23, 2014
This is the billion dollar idea for BuckysRoom 8-)

Integrate the forum with the wall. If you are participating in a thread on the forum, you should be able to see the posts grouped together on your wall, among normal wall's posts, ordered by date. That will integrate everything and establish a big difference with other social networks. 

Send the check to Toronto, Canada :P

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+3 Aubree Keegan · August 23, 2014
Good idea :)
+2 Bucky Roberts · August 25, 2014
We still have a LOT of bugs to work out and improvements to make, but I like this idea a lot. There are some issues we would have to work out. The forum uses BBCode to edit and display topics, and the wall uses a different syntax for posts all together. I would like to get the forum working 100% bug free first though before using it in any other parts of the site. 
0 Predrag Kostic · August 25, 2014
This could be interesting
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Tell me what you like about the forum and what sucks about it here.

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