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0 charles manson · August 22, 2014
I got Into programming( well of right now I know Html, Css3)  through Bitcoin.

Plus i got beginner skills of Javscript and Php, actually I learn right now how to use Jquery and Php libraries plus I try to figure out the variables and if else statements. 

Plus I speak fluently english and german, so maybe translating would be an option but honestly I dont want to waste my time to much on styling and translating- if you guys now os ways in that field- im up for it aswell but my ultimate goal is programming, to me its like art, like I say im a noob but i kind of feel it so the more jobs/projects are into programming the better.

Since I know how to use google and I'm able to at least understand the languages what are good ways to make money??

I thought of a mass email system in php and put some google ads on the site and promote it.
the other thing is I'm working on a Bitcoin related Site with referal links google ads and a News section.

I also want to implemet a system where people can buy directly Bitcoins on my Website using paypal western Union, pay safe card, and bank transfer.

Problem with that project are mainly the laws regarding bItcoins in my Country.

So this is where Im at the Moment

so If you guys work on a project or know of ways to make a little bit money off my above mentioned skills please leave a comment

Im not looking in particular for big money, just looking to make a bit of Money on the Side while i go to school this upcoming year and I really dont want to work for anyone, especially since Im sure there are ways to make money online with my skills.

Best thing would be something that runs automatically

What I can offer are Tips on Daytrading Bitcoins and Crypto Currencies which I have done succesfully so far, the thing is I cant continue the way i want too, because I decided to go back to school and daytrading is very time consuming becasue its a fast paced market.

But if you guys know of good ways i can give you in return good tips on coins that will make you a bit of money

thanks guys

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0 Çağlan Turgut · August 23, 2014
There are lots of people on BR who earns money from creating websites for people. You can find clients online and get your payment with paypal or as bitcoin. 

Then you can convert the bitcoin using online websites that buys bitcoin. Or you you can publish tutorials and code snippets on your website and earn from ads. These are the f?rst ideas that came to my mind. 

If yolu develop your skills yolu can do much more. Maybe yolu can go outside of web development and learn illustrator, inkscape etc. and desing the websites yolu will be developing. Or maybe learn C, C++, Java or Python and create some apps for people. I mean yolu know how to code it shouldn't be that hard to learn a new language if you want to make money.

The posibilities depends on your imagination and skills. Good luck. :)
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