Attention Asp Developers!

+1 Dezmen Sykes · August 22, 2014
I've been developing in ASP.NET for a few years now and its ben good to me, lots of code, and lots of work however. I came across (im sure some of you may already heard of this.) a web framework named Django, powered by linux, that does EVERYTHING is capable of with c# but 10x easier and much more fluent. I dnt know much python but im already creating web projects! its freaking LEET!! Visit the website for full documentation and downloads if your interested!

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0 Yoncho Yonchev · August 26, 2014
Try Flask, it is even better because it is more configurable. Generally Django, Flask powered by Python and RoR, Synatra powered by Rails, NodeJS with the MEAN stack are on the top of the curve right now.
0 Dezmen Sykes · September 1, 2014
hmm ill give it a shot
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