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+1 Hussam Cheema · August 21, 2014
Guys I am computer science student..... I learned C++ in 1st semester. And DataStructures in 3rd semester. Now I know how to use conditions, arrays, pointers, structures, OOP, exception handling etc.... But after learning these things on TURBOC :/ I shifted towards VisualStudio 2012 and after understanding slight changes I made many programs on Visual Studio using C++. But I am really really confused that what should I do now!! Where to put my C++ basic knowledge to create something usefull?? Can anyone tell me that where can I use C++? Please tell me C++ usage from every aspect. e.g; How can I make softwares like this webbrowser, amm drivers, games, business softwares etc....!
And what is win32?? And C++ and VisualC++ are two different languages?? Should I wait till I receive my degree?? :/ I hate waiting!! :(

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0 Hussam Cheema · August 22, 2014
Thanks for ur reply :)
So for the gui should I start learning win32?? And make simple programs in it!
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Used in many types of software including music players, video games, and many large scale applications.

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