+1 charles manson · August 19, 2014

I want to say Hello to everybody and Im looking forward to work with you guys on some nice Projects.

I started real late to get more into Computers and mainly cause of Bitcoins and now I started to teach myself HTML and HTML5 aswell as CSS and CSS3.

My goal as of right now is  to get Javascript aswell as Jquery right.
I also would like to learn Php, C++ and python in the future.

Bucky, respect dude, I watched so far all your Html Videos and now Im into Javascript and it makes it easy to understand.

I also like your Website and what you got going on for yourself, is really great.

Keep up the good work,
greetings from Austria

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0 charles manson · August 20, 2014
no, i couldnt think of a better name:(
0 Brandon Elliott · August 19, 2014
Is your name really Charles Manson? O_O
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