This is a challenge where I, Landon Luman, challenge you, to program anything you want, in any language! 

There are three ways to win:

  1. Highest point count

  2. Highest love

  3. Biggest File ( spamming letters doesn't count )

And if Bucky Roberts decides to be his friendly tuna-loving self, he may cooperate, as either a judge, a programmer, or both! He can be what he wants to be, after all, he created this site.


  1. No cheating the time

  2. You may submit 3 programs, but 1 is recommended :)

  3. The time limit is 6 days, but the shorter the time, the higher the points!

To enter, just comment, 'I would like to join', and I will obviously accept.

Good luck to all who enter, if anyone does xD