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+9 Buddy Blackford · August 18, 2014
Hey everyone!  I'm going to be drafting up some rules with Bucky and Pere Garau Burguera based on the old thenewboston's forum rules and posting them here so you guys/girls can suggest new ones or say you dont like certain ones.  A lot of these may be straight copies from the rules that were in place there because they were pretty good and didn't need to be changed up.  Of course, as more features are added to the forum, more rules will have to be implemented.  A great thanks goes out to the people that created these rules beforehand. Be aware that these are forum rules and not rules that deal with profile pages and those comments.  So here goes:  (feel free to leave your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. below)

Posting in the wrong place
You are not to post the same thread twice, be it in the same section or in two separate sections. Of course we understand that you can accidentally hit the submit button twice, but posting a topic a second time just to give it more attention will result in one of the topics being deleted or locked dependent on the situation. If one of the topics has already received helpful replies, the other topic will be locked, linking to the topic that will remain open. Accidental double posts will be deleted without any further consequences for the user.

This also goes for posting posts in the wrong topics. Post topics and posts in the correct place. This means questions about PHP go in the PHP forum, and not the General Chat section.

You are not allowed to post anything that you didn't make if you do not have the permission to do so. For example, if there's a news item you want to discuss, don't copy/paste the entire article, but link to it, and then quite small portions of the article that you want to discuss specifically. This is because those articles are protected by copyright. Copyright infringements are the worst kind of violations, as they may have an effect on the entire site, in the sense that it can be taken down! So you should take this very seriously. In similar vein, we will act on copyright infringements very seriously and severely.

Of course this isn't limited to just written works. Visual works, software, code and other creations are often also protected.

Advertising/ Spam
Advertising web sites or products that you are in some way affiliated with is not allowed. This goes for any and all advertisements. Advertisements will be removed instantly, no exceptions. You can, however, share with the rest of the forum something you have created as long as your main purpose of sharing is not for financial gain.

Pointless Posting
Don't post pointless topics or replies. If they don't contribute, don't post. 

Illegal things
Don't discuss and/or post illegal activities or content. This includes hacks, cracks, or anything else that's law breaking in any way.

Important personal advice
Is anything really sensitive going on in your life? Do you need heavy medication? Do you want to commit suicide? Anything else? If so, please don't discuss that here. There are people out there who are trained to help you deal with those kind of things. Talking about here will only get you in deeper trouble, most likely, since you will rarely encounter a professional here who can help you.

We're an English speaking community. As such, we'd prefer you to speak English as good and clearly as possible. If English is not your native language, at least try to make your posts as readable as possible.

Everybody wants to be respected. You don't need to like everyone and you don't need to agree with everyone, but you do need to respect everyone, or at least show respect. As such, disrespectful and inflammatory comments are not allowed to be posted.  Disrespectful posts will be reviewed by a moderator and you may be contacted by a moderator as a warning. 

Vulgarities and other offensive material
There are people of all ages and backgrounds on this site. Therefore we don't allow profanity on the forums anywhere. This includes pornography, extreme violence, racial slurs, etc.

Freedom of speech
We try to run this community as responsibly as possible. This means there's not always a place for freedom of speech. If we delete your post for a good reason, then that's that. You'll just have to accept it unless you have a very good reason. The staff is chosen because they know how to do their job, so you can rely on them to make the right decisions.

Who's in charge?
As a staff who shows respect towards the members, we ask that you also show respect to us and the decisions we make. As such, the staff has the final say and is responsible for interpreting and enforcing these rules. However, if you do have a complaint for a good reason, contact the staff member in question via private message. Don't do this publicly! 

Break the rules, and there will be consequences
We need everyone to respect these guidelines. As such, we do need to reprimand rule violations. Not every rule violation is as severe as the other, but actions will be undertaken when the staff thinks it's necessary, which may be in the form of a warn, temporary suspension of posting rights, or even a ban.

These rules are NOT all-inclusive
These rules don't cover everything 100%. It's important that you realize this. Furthermore, these guidelines are subject to change at any time without notice.

Reporting Rule Violations
We can't stress this enough! We can't watch everything. So we need the community to help us a bit, in the sense that you should be using the report button. If you see somebody violate a rule, report that post. Do NOT do our job and tell the person he/she broke a rule. That's what we do. We will make an appropriate decision. When somebody responds to a violation publicly, this generally only magnifies those violations, or encourages more of them. Additionally, it makes things very unorganized. So please, use the report button!

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+3 Kaveh Greenwood · August 18, 2014
I really don't see anything else that needs to be added outside the new features for BR.
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