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+2 Landon Luman · August 18, 2014
How great would it be, if there was a way we could program several different programs, in different programming languages, then put them in a special folder, and they could all work together? I honestly think that would be a great idea! So that's why I'm going to start developing a folder (technically a program) that I will call an Omni Lib. 

Definition of Omni: Of all things. 

Well of course it won't be ALL programming languages, but enough to make a decent library. Honestly, if this library would come to any use, I would need to make a whole new language! So, if this ever does begin development, I would first start with making a compiler for a language I could call Omni. 

I just think it would be cool to have the network capabilities of Batch, the power of Java, and the simplicity of C# and Python. These files could be very powerful working together!

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0 Landon Luman · September 26, 2014
Thanks, I just want it to be able to get the basics of this library, now using other libraries, example: javax.swing.JFrame. would be hard to implement... But if I can make it work, I most definitely will. But this will take a while to make, because it's technically a library of compilers compiling many files to work as one.. But this could prove useful one day
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I think it is pretty obvious what this section is for.

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