Hello there, I would like to talk about computer programming and some things that are not true about it. A lot of the time when you search up about programming you will find a page where people are arguing about what programming language is better, the thing about that is there is no better language! If you are getting into programming there really is no go to language to start with, all languages share similar features and if you can get good at one language you will be able to catch on to another one really fast. Now time for some of the stuff you actually want to hear, it does not matter how many languages you know! Ya you heard, that guy talking about how he knows twelve different languages has no advantage over you if he can not solve a simple problem. The thing that towers over knowing a lot of language is if you can solve a problem with the coding language you know. Although knowing more languages is nice the thing that people really look for in a developer is how he goes about a problem:

1. Always know your constraints

2. Ask frequent questions to yourself or the person presenting the question

3. Never assume something is already done for you

4. Have experience with solving problems(I will list some good places to check out for practice)

5.And knowing a language or two is always nice :)(the irony, html and css do not count!)

Just remember that solving problems is always the #1 thing for a developer, this will kill all the bugs in your code and make you much better at programming. If you have any questions or want to suggest something feel free to post an argument or a link below!

Good practice: