+4 Kaveh Greenwood · August 16, 2014
Anybody have any tattoos? Or interested in getting a tattoo?

I have two on my left arm. 8 on my right arm. My entire chest tattooed and one in my pubic region.

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+2 Predrag Kostic · August 29, 2014
No tattoos a the moment.
But I'm getting a hunters seal when I get older:
Big Monster Hunter fan, what can I say :|
+1 Jesse Pitman · August 28, 2014
I've only got one right now of a band logo on my shoulder...Always wanted one of Marla Singer<3 from Fight Club somewhere though
+1 Gary Murphy · August 28, 2014
Only one for me so far, on the back of my right shoulder.  It's not the best design for a tattoo (thinking about it in hindsight), but not bad for a first.
It's the insignia from the game Hitman. (Yeah, bit of a fan. :D)
We should upload the designs here.  Except for maybe the one around your pubic region Kaveh, I'd forgive you  for not displaying that one. ;)
+1 Steve Myers · August 29, 2014
Half sleeve on my right arm, and 2 more on my right leg. Currently working on designs for a full sleeve on my left arm.
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