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+2 Aurelio Martuscelli · August 16, 2014
Hello friends

As a publisher I can't earn with buckys room. The statistics not work, I can't see any ads showing in my websites. 

Sorry, but I need something strong and fixed to monetize my websites.

Thanks for understanding

I'm wainting, still, for any help



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+4 Samuel Oloruntoba · August 16, 2014
even i said something earlier, the ads just don't work.
0 Brandon Elliott · August 16, 2014
The ad system is brand new and the reason you aren't earning anything is probably because there aren't any advertisers. I think the ad system needs a lot more work before it becomes beneficial for people to advertise here. There needs to be a more strict monitoring of page views (people refreshing over and over shouldn't count as a view) and the ability to "budget" your ads (say only spend $5 a day) as opposed to buying $100 worth of ads and they all get used up over a 24 hour period. There is a lot of room for improvement
+1 Kaveh Greenwood · August 16, 2014
The ads as a publisher are displaying properly on my website.
+1 Kaveh Greenwood · August 16, 2014
So what y'all are saying is that though the ads are displayed on my website, I won't receive any earnings?
+1 Aurelio Martuscelli · August 18, 2014
Not my case, Brandon Elliott 

If you see, my website receive more than 2000 page views/day. But, I need monetize, becouse I pay our users with coins.

over 8 days without any statistics! 

No response from the manager of this website! 

Unfortunately, today is the last day that I will display those ads, I'd rather put others that yield some value to me so I can keep my  website operating. 


+1 Brandon Elliott · August 18, 2014
Sorry, but it is your case. Ads may be displaying but they aren't PAID ads if they are the BuckysRoom default ads. That's why the page views aren't counting. They don't count if they are the unpaid ones.
0 Aurelio Martuscelli · August 19, 2014
I can't understand...

during 10 or more days those same ads paid

and that is the question!

0.00173816 BTC 

0.00265264 BTC
August 11, 2014

0.00091448 BTC 

August 4, 2014

Thanks for trying to explain, but in fact the system was changed probably failing to trace codes. 
Anyway, it is more important to have an official response.
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