Help me build a "Make Your Own Portfolio" Website

+8 Nikola Novakovic · August 15, 2014
Hey there! :) 

Ok so the initial post was change and the idea behind this. I talked to @Eugene and he suggested somthing that I think it has great potential. It will be a website where people can make their own portfolio. So basically Sam that loves ham, and is a designer , goes to our website, makes a profile, clicks a few buttons, and there he has an awesome portfolio which he can share to everyone. Isn't that awesome ? 

This is awesome because I would like to get out of my comfort zone, I try to do that as much as possible, and learn something that I am not so good at.For example to build a back-end in Ruby On Rails. I would LOVE to see that and how it is glued into a nice looking website. Pure basics of Ruby are familiar and oop Ruby, but to have someone actually go and do the entire websites back-end in Ruby , with me learning and contributing to that code, would be pretty cool.It does not have to be Ruby, it can be ASP.NET or whatever :) Nobody should be afraid of not knowing something :)

Any thoughts ? Someone wants to join ?;)

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+2 Eugene Botma · August 16, 2014
If you want, I could install a forum for us on my own website
+1 JOhaL jaTT · August 16, 2014
i'll love to join if possible, i am familiar with PHP & MYSQL,HTML,CSS3 and JS.
+1 Bob Maylie · August 16, 2014
What qualities will we be needing in this collaborative website that we will be using to meet. A place to brainstorm? Transfer files? Can anyone think of anything else we may need to effectively accomplish the project? A suggestion I wanted to bring up would be the possibility of breaking up into development teams by time zone or project task. Maybe designating a team leader for each area. Although that may be a bit overkill
+2 Eugene Botma · August 16, 2014
I've never used asana before, but that looks pretty cool. Off the top of my head I thought we could use a forum with different categories for things like interface design, class design etc, and then use github, bitbucket or sourceforge (or whatever else) to host the project files.
+1 Nikola Novakovic · August 16, 2014
I use asana on some projects that I work on. It's good, but I honestly think forum is a lot better. Simply because we can have separate topics, discuss stuff etc. With asana, you can pretty much only do task menagment. 

The idea to split up into teams is what I wanted to suggest. We will work much better in smaller groups then a huge crowd. 
Also we need to think of , before we do anything, what we need before we start brainstormin, like resources and stuff , here is mine:

  • Forum ( as Eugene suggested we can host it on his server )

  • Source Control Mengament - I suggest BitBucket private repo or GitHub private repo ( its paied, but if someone has it we can use it ). Maybe the project should not go open source right away before we actually make it, or at least go to beta phase. After that we can just put it on github or somewhere.

  • IRC chat

Thats pretty much it.

Eugene, if everyone else agrees of course to have a forum over task menagment system, when could you make that ? :) 

Sorry for the typos I am typing super fast. 
+2 Eugene Botma · August 16, 2014
Stefany it seems you don't understand what this thread is about. It's a collaboration project between Buckysroom users. What better place to discuss it than here? It's not personal stuff at all. I would say you are welcome to join in on the project, but it does not seem like you want to at all
+1 Nikola Novakovic · August 16, 2014
Yep. I think you did not understand it :/
+2 Dezmen Sykes · August 16, 2014
Id like to help!
I have experience in :

C++/C# Programming 
Linux Programming in Shell 
Some JQuery/Javascript
+1 Bob Maylie · August 16, 2014
Would you all like to meet tonight in irc to discuss project teams? 
+1 Bob Maylie · August 16, 2014
How about we set up a time for an initial meeting in the irc to organize the project details and post them in the BR forum once everything is agreed upon. We could set something up for tonight or tomorrow if everyone's available.

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