Help me build a "Make Your Own Portfolio" Website

+8 Nikola Novakovic · August 15, 2014
Hey there! :) 

Ok so the initial post was change and the idea behind this. I talked to @Eugene and he suggested somthing that I think it has great potential. It will be a website where people can make their own portfolio. So basically Sam that loves ham, and is a designer , goes to our website, makes a profile, clicks a few buttons, and there he has an awesome portfolio which he can share to everyone. Isn't that awesome ? 

This is awesome because I would like to get out of my comfort zone, I try to do that as much as possible, and learn something that I am not so good at.For example to build a back-end in Ruby On Rails. I would LOVE to see that and how it is glued into a nice looking website. Pure basics of Ruby are familiar and oop Ruby, but to have someone actually go and do the entire websites back-end in Ruby , with me learning and contributing to that code, would be pretty cool.It does not have to be Ruby, it can be ASP.NET or whatever :) Nobody should be afraid of not knowing something :)

Any thoughts ? Someone wants to join ?;)

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+2 Bob Maylie · August 16, 2014
I'd like to contribute. 
+2 Eugene Botma · August 15, 2014
I'll gladly help out whenever I have the time to do so. Think it could be quite interesting, and would be a good dip in the deep side of the pool for some newer programmers.
+1 Nikola Novakovic · August 15, 2014
Awesome to have you here Brandon ;) 
+1 Nikola Novakovic · August 15, 2014
Awesome to have you in here mate! :) Hopefully a few more people can join and we can have a skype call or something on this.

I was really thinking that the website should be done in ASP.NET , I really don't know it, but I am planning to learn it really soon so there is my chance. Also  if someone knows Ruby or some other language, let us know and we can discuss in which one should be done. 
+1 Brandon Elliott · August 15, 2014
Sounds cool and has potential. I'm not familiar with Ruby or however I can help with design, testing, and suggestions :D

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