We need source code. You said this is open source project

+3 Harsha Naidu · August 15, 2014
We were waiting for Buckysroom Source code. Please try to give the source code. We will be great-full to you. We are in need of it.

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+2 Bucky Roberts · August 15, 2014
+2 Nahiyan Alamgir · August 15, 2014
C'mon Bucky, the latest commit dates back to  Nov 24, 2013. Where's the latest one? The Github account is not even owned by 'thenewboston'. It's useless sending a pull request. We want an official Github repository where we can contribute and will be monitored and kept up to date. Our demands are based on the motto "Facebook has over 3,500 employees. We have everyone else."

It'd be more than awesome if you could make a tutorial series which will give us a basic concept of how BuckysRoom works.
+5 Bucky Roberts · August 15, 2014
BuckysRoom isn't anywhere close to complete, we still have a ton of features to add and bugs to fix before we can even think about packaging the source code. In order to release the source code, we would need to strip out a ton of crap including the decryption algorithms, all Bitcoin wallet information, API keys, auto payment scripts for BuckysRoomAds, database info, etc etc...

Right now, we are focusing mainly on fixing bugs, site security, and countless other improvements that need to be made first. Needless to say, preparing the source code is not very high up on my list of priorities right now.  When the source code was originally released, there were hardly any users wanting to help out anyway. I guess fixing bugs isn't as fun as it seems. 
+2 Nahiyan Alamgir · August 15, 2014
Thanks a lot for replying, it makes perfect sense.
+1 Source Slayer · August 15, 2014
Opensourcing it will allow us to help. :)
Opensourcing it will be much more pleasant than simply showing the source code. 
+2 Nahiyan Alamgir · August 16, 2014
Bucky also said in the podcast that he'd release the source code when the project is complete and the project is not even close to complete according to him.

Sorry but I have to add that BR community is probably not going to contribute a lot to the project. Let's think about me for a while. I'm a person who gets excited about source code and contribution. However, when I will swim through the source code and find strange stuff, I'd rather go to YouTube and watch some cool videos than go through the source code and attempt to understand as much as I can. It's mainly due to lack of source code documentation.
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