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+3 Barik Yusif · November 25, 2017
Guys please I need help with this app which is available below in the link I've provided below.
Can you create a code that After login the name must change to user's FB name and guest pic must change to his profile pic and when he play his level must increase.
Thanks in advance.

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+3 pwntastic _ · November 26, 2017
This forum is intended to help people learn about coding this is not a place to get free work done for you.  If you make an attempt, post your code and ask questions regarding specific problems that come up otherwise try a freelance website and pay someone to have this work done for you.
+1 Barik Yusif · November 29, 2017
OK thanks but that site is built by me and I'm only stuck on a particular page and last time I checked that isn't free work and besides I've also been providing such help so what harm would it cause if you also help me
0 Jay Deshaun · December 8, 2017
Can you please post the code for the problem you're having.
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