Looking for a mobile developer for improving development skills

+8 Aybars Arslan · May 31, 2017
Hey people,

I am looking for a friend who interested in mobile development. I am studying asp.net core web api and i really enjoyed when i typing restful apis.

I believe developed project is best way to be learn and being good at this topic so I'm looking for the person.

 i would like to developing some application together as open source. I work on back-end and you work on mobile app. we can also see the workflows and project managment. 

I dont have any certain project idea but we can disccuss and choose a project. if you interest send me a pm.

Best regards from Turkey.

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+1 Dhruv Singhal · June 10, 2017
i m interested... but i can't offer much time
0 Barik Yusif · June 13, 2017
Let's chat
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