I wrote a multiple choices exam. The issue is after I answered the first question the 2nd and 3rd show up at the same time. The 4th and 5th question have this problem as well. So.... can you guys help me solve this thx.


int main()
char firstchoice;
char secondchoice;
char thirdchoice;
char forthchoice;
char fifthchoice;
int score=0;

printf("27 * 28 = ?\n");
printf("a) 756\t b) 546\n");
scanf("%c", &firstchoice);
(firstchoice == 'a') ? ++score : --score;

printf("___ you been to china?\n");
printf("a) Have\t b) Did\n");
scanf("%c", &secondchoice);
(secondchoice == 'a') ? ++score : --score;

printf("What does pH stands for?");
printf("a) power of hydrogen\t b) potential for hydrogen\n");
scanf("%c", &thirdchoice);
(thirdchoice == 'b') ? ++score : --score;

printf("Mushroom is in which species?\n");
printf("a) Fugi\t b) Mamals\n");
scanf("%c", &forthchoice);
(forthchoice == 'a') ? ++score : --score;

printf("Is 2 to the power of 6 greater than 76\n");
printf("a) Of couse, pretty sure it is\t b) No way, it cant be possible\n");
scanf("%c", &fifthchoice);
(fifthchoice == 'b') ? ++score : --score;

printf("Your score is %d", score);

return 0;