Does "Bucky's Java" teach you some OOP fundamentals?

+15 Stefan Catalin · April 23, 2017
I've been progamming in C and some slight web dev thus far and I'm looking to get into the basics of OOP and chose Java as my language to implement the notions.
Does "Bucky's Java" teach you some OOP fundamentals?

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+3 Nicholas Eason · April 26, 2017
Indirectly, yes. Java is an OOP language, so by learning Java you will inherently be learning OOP concepts. It's been a few years, but I don't think he ever directly targets OOP in general, but indirectly they get covered because Java is Java.
+1 Payton Juneau · April 27, 2017
OOP is too easy to be tripping over. It's literally this..

Everything is an object, you stick objects together. Objects of the same type can't be stuck together. So you convert them so you can stick them together. Everything works.
0 Barik Yusif · June 14, 2017
yes he does
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