Advice on - lack of critical thinking skills??

+7 hs clover · February 22, 2017
What should I do about it? I asked my previous employer about what he thinks about me as an employee of programmer and it was I took instructions well, but lacks in critical thinking. I was originally planning to apply for software engineering jobs, but now I don't know what to do anymore since computer science needs critical thinking?? Any advice?

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0 Jay Deshaun · February 23, 2017

Honestly I think I need help in this area to.
+4 pwntastic _ · February 26, 2017
In my opinion, lacking in critical thinking can result from lack of experience and confidence.  Studying books or taking classes can help you in the confidence area.  Experience will come with time in the field.  Also, it sounds like your employer is overall telling you to be more assertive.  
+2 Jay Deshaun · February 28, 2017
Yea I think I need more experience in the field because I learn most of my stuff at home and try to solve problems based on what I think it is.
+1 dwadwadaw dwadwadw · April 23, 2017
Just kill yourself.
+1 Robert Blahut · April 23, 2017
I sort of agree with pwnstastic. Critical thinking is hard to train yourself to do, in my opinion. It's more of a trait someone has. I feel it's developed entirely based on experience with issues. That said being analytical by nature helps, and not something I find to be teachable in any sort of class.

What I would suggest would be always take a top-down approach when you view problems. While you can't teach yourself to be a critical thinker, you can trick your brain into a different way to process information.

I always feel like writing things down helps people. Write down the problem areas of something you're working on. Then those things that become bigger problems off what you see. i.e. My login page doesn't work. Now registration doesn't work. The problem has to be related to the same system.

This is a very loose interpretation but you get the jist I would hope.
+1 Gurman Gill · April 23, 2017
Mostly i saw lack of critical thinking in people who are less involved in games( Real games). If you play football, or do offroad cycling , tennis etc than your mind gets faster at analysing things as in games you have to decide between many options and choose one in few seconds . Get involved in games , this is best way.
+1 Walter Wood · April 23, 2017
It's not a problem. You are good at practical part of programming, you're able to carry out a project but not to head it so far. You need more experience. And critical thinking will come to you later, while there are people who can only rule others while they aren't able to code which is more complicated skill to get.
+1 Barik Yusif · June 15, 2017
well if truelly you're a good programmer Then What I would suggest is, you should join or if possible create your own team so that others would be doing the thinking while you do the programmes
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