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+23 Buddy Blackford · August 14, 2014
Hey everyone! If you are looking for some free HD images to use in your projects or to follow along with the tutorials, check out these websites:

If you know of any other resources please post them as well!

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+2 Brandon Elliott · August 14, 2014
wow, has some really nice photos 
+1 Erp Eight · May 17, 2016 
best hd images resource (for me):D
+1 Donny Garner · March 25, 2015
great work.  but there's this site called

you can stay up to date on free image resources and whatnot there.
+1 Nika Mchedlidze · October 30, 2014
And here's renders:
0 Mohamed Gamal · May 19, 2016
Thanks Sir
0 Krishnesh singh · May 13, 2015
Hey man i like your tutorials
and looking for those cool girl pics in your tutorials.
give me link or something.
If possible
thanks in advance
0 Matiss Tomaac · July 22, 2015
0 Rhen Bartlett` · October 22, 2014
Thanks man!
0 Zoe Schultz · February 4, 2016
As far as I remember has a lot of free stock photography created by the members of the community as well as lots of useful resources like Photoshop brushes and action scripts for photography editing and photography post production.
0 Yinan Chen · January 23, 2016
Also check out
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How could we ever get a distorted image of celebrities without it?

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