question about Payloaads and Backdoors

0 pushpam k · January 19, 2017
why this is coming "Exploit completed, but no session was created. "

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0 Tom James · April 23, 2017
If you want a session you need to select the proper payload.  Type show options and ensure your payload is loaded.  Sometimes you also need to type show targets and select the specific target otherwise the payload won't work.

Another thing to consider is the rating next to the exploit.  Excellent and Great are pretty dependable.  Lower than that is riskier.  It can end up crashing the service.  It's like flipping a coin. 

When choosing a payload try choosing one like bind_tcp or reverse_tcp.  Those should get you shells into the target system.

Remember you only use payloads with exploits and make sure you read to exploit to see what it does as well.  Don't use an Auxiliary with a payload.  It doesn't work because Auxiliary is scan not an exploit.  I think that is a small part that he makes a little bit confusing
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