I want to create product/API for some apps to integrate, which language to choose?

+1 DP FA · December 22, 2016
Hello mates,

I'm new in programming not that new because I'd learned (C, C++, C#) but few years ago. I don't really know how to elaborate this question to you but here it it.

I want to build a cloud product that will connect with few app companies, if they want to integrate with our product within their app via API. The main objective of our app would be to do some comparison of the same user who uses multiple apps (of different companies that uses our product).

So from where I should start? (Tools, Programming Language)

Thanks for your help in advance.

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+2 Scott Walker · December 24, 2016
Asp.net (C#) should do everything you're after, you can even use WepApi2 :-)
0 DP FA · January 19, 2017
@Scott Walker, Thanks for your reply & suggestion. I saw that you've mentioned C#, is that because I wrote my experience in that?

Is that the best? and if required as per your suggestion I can learn any other programming language (PHP, etc.) because I need to start from fresh only :)

Our main moto is that, the other APP COMPANIES should be able to integrate our APIs within their APPS.

@Bucky Roberts, looking for your expert advise as well.

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