What To Do After Finished XHTML And CSS?

+26 Syazanie Amirin · December 22, 2016
What to do? Learn HTML 5 or learn Javascript first?

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+3 Scott Walker · December 24, 2016
Javascript or TypeScript
+1 Jay Deshaun · December 28, 2016
Javascript would be the best thing to learn first as it's something used in everyday browsers whether for ads to dynamic sites.
+1 Dare Lawal · January 19, 2017
+1 Jacob Selvestar · March 27, 2017
Nowadays HTML5 is more popular and available with all the required features. It allows designers to use cleaner, neater code. Even you can remove div tags and replace them with the semantic HTML5 elements. So, I always prefer to got with the HTML5. If you want to know more web development and design then click here.http://www.gatewaytechnolabs.com
+1 bej epe · April 23, 2017
I would recommend you first learn HTML5 and then javascript. But thats me.
+1 Dan Veg · April 23, 2017
I watched the HTML5 tutorials and was instructed to view Javascript within the intro.
+1 Stephen Peters · April 23, 2017
Learn HTML5, Javascript or PHP
+1 Kishan Mahadevwala · April 23, 2017
You should start to learn advance HTML like HTML5 and CSS3. You can learn animations like keyframes, transition effects much more.
+1 Abishkar Bhusal · April 23, 2017
You can learn PHP and Ruby on rails
+1 stewart cristan · April 23, 2017
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