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+2 Tornike Nozadze · December 22, 2016
can anyone explain me how connect html to mysql ??

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+1 Dhruv Singhal · December 31, 2016
you cannot directly connect html to mysql... you should know php first.
0 Jay Deshaun · January 4, 2017
Basically html provides the styling of the website, mysql is more of a database accessed in the back of a server; in order to connect your website to a database then you would need to learn/use php to connect to mysql.
0 Wojtek P · January 19, 2017
Watch php courses, or browse through the videos, there are examples of different ways to connect with mysql. All I know is that PDO way is probably the best due to its stable security. I am not a specialist, just a learner though.
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