To learn programming or NOT !? Need advice here!

+1 Elijah Gankz Pao · December 22, 2016
      Hi, guys!
      I'm a final year Electrical Engineering student who has a lot of interest in learning computer programming.

    Since I'm not a Computer Science Engineering student, I usually ask myself, is it a good idea for me to go and pursue programming courses? Is it limited only for those who offer Computer Science Course?These questions usually demotivate me.

   I'm confused right now, I would really appreciate if anyone kindly give some advice/guidance.

   Thanks! And also  sorry for this post!  :):(

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+4 Gary Whitney · December 26, 2016
If you have a lot of interest in computer programing then don't let fear stop you. The biggest problem you should have is time.

The tutorials offered here are fun, no pressure tutorials. They are a good place to start.
Although you may not get timely answers to your questions since the site hasn't been updating properly. Notice the gap between 12/5 and 12/22.

Udemy offers some free courses and mostly inexpensive paid courses, with occasional sales.. The instructors monitor their courses for questions, and provide timely answers.
My advise is to pick beginner courses initially and stay away from "Developer and Bootcamp" courses until you have a foundation.Python has simple syntax and might be a good language to start with. Java is my preference but it can be confusing because it enforces Data Types.

I haven't tried any Udacity courses because they are to expensive for me.

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0 Cryce Truly · January 19, 2017
If its what you want boss then follow your heart
0 Nicholas Eason · January 23, 2017
Well, when you look at programming jobs they usually want "Bachelors in Computer Science or related field". I'm not sure if Electrical Engineering counts as a related field, but with the shortage of programmers that there is, I'm sure they'll accept you if you know how to program. If you want to do programming, go for it, if not, you can still do it. As long as it counts towards your degree, there's really no reason to NOT do it.
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