Capturing Signature using Signature Pad

+2 Kevin Watts · December 22, 2016
Hi All , 

I am building an application using PHP , One of the requirements is for a customer to sign an online form . I then need to be able to save the signature and store the image details on the database . 

I am hopeless when it comes to javascript and cannot seem to figure out how to do this . I got the signature pad to work but do not know how to get it to work as far as including it in a form and then posting it through . Please can someone point me in the right direction , I would really appreciate any and all help / comments . 

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+1 Dhruv Singhal · January 5, 2017
first create a signature input application using javascript like this

now get the data url of canvas like this


you have to supply this using ajax only there is no other choice

and then save it in database (input type blob) or your directory using php - i hope that's not a problem... if so then contact me at
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