Where to write c program in ubuntu?

+2 Zohaeb Khan · December 22, 2016
Please tell me where to write c Program in ubuntu...

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+1 Jon Z. · December 26, 2016
What are you asking exactly? Text editor? How to compile? IDE?
+1 Niyati Maheshwari · January 19, 2017
Write it in a text editor and save it with an extension of .c . Fro running it , use the terminal, go the folder where you saved the program, now, 
gcc programName.c

you are done
+1 Vee Dee · January 19, 2017
There is a version of Code::Blocks for Ubuntu. This is the first link you need to know: http://www.codeblocks.org/downloads/26. The second link you need to know is: https://launchpad.net/~damien-moore/+archive/ubuntu/codeblocks-stable. Follow the instructions on that site, which are at the top. When you finish install, run "codeblocks" in the terminal, and it will come up. The rest is the same in Bucky's tutorials.
+1 nishant pabbi · January 19, 2017
Open any text editor( gedit, vi). Command: gedit progcpp.cpp.
+1 Rajat Sharma · April 23, 2017
first : open up the terminal i.e by pressing the keys ctrl+alt+t .
second: if u have the directory then to open type "cd directory name"
                if u have to make a directory then type mkdir directory name and then open by typing cd directory name.
third: type the name you want to give to your program and add an extension for example "gedit firstprogram.c". just remember to write gedit in front to open up the note pad.
forth : a screen will appear of notepad write the c program there and save it and then close.
fifth: in order to run your program first compile it by for example "gcc firstprogram.c"
sixth: to run it type command " ./a.out"
thanks for reading. 
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