rendering problems missing styles

+5 Alan Fernandes · December 22, 2016
Hi Bucky
i am using the latest version of android studio and getting the following error
rendering problem missing styles is the correct theme chosen for this layout 
How can i resolve this issue. i am also unable to add any widgets on grid layout

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0 Gary Whitney · December 26, 2016
Rendering problems usually occur when the preview level doesn't match the code.
1. get the latest updates.
2. The Activity and the Styles need to match.
3. These tutorials were written a few years ago. Stick with whatever Android Studio gives you from a template.
0 mr usman · January 19, 2017
you can add new widgets in the component tree by draging the widgets to grid layout
this is the only solution i have and if someone got better please do share
0 shally sh · January 19, 2017

Hi.. Same problem I am facing plz try to explain in simple steps... I am just starting android programming. I am attaching the screenshot for the reference. I even cant see the image of a phone just a blue square is there!!/images/forum/upload/2017-01-02/f5b893817b4dd721f2a82cbe31f5cf3d.png 
0 Aziz Rafsanjani · January 19, 2017
This happens when your designer is set to a higher API than the API level you are targetting. Try adjusting it to something lower like API level 15 from the designer view
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