Challenge in downloading eclipse

+6 ABAYOMI TAFA · November 29, 2016
Hi bucky....Thanks for your videos. i am finding it difficult to download eclipse, i guess there is an upgrade now on the site because it is not looking like what i am following in your videos( java programming tutorial) do i go about it pls? i am a beginner, thank you once again Bucky. anybody can also help in this forum. 

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0 Nicholas Eason · November 30, 2016
The version of Eclipse you use should not make a difference in following the tutorials.
0 Daniel Fernandes · December 22, 2016

like Nicholas Eason said, the version of Eclipse IDE should not make a difference to follow the tutorials.

To download the last version of the IDE, just follow this link :

In the right of the page you have to choose for which operating system you want to install it. Download it and install it for your operating system
0 nishant pabbi · January 19, 2017
if you are downloading jdk6 instead of that please download jdk8u111 then yu easily installed the software yu cant get an error
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