Problem with Java Installation.

0 Anwar Muse · November 29, 2016
I have been following your tutorials (Java Programming for Beginners and Android App Development for Beginners). However, I have been having a challenge since. When I download the Java JDK, it doesn't run properly. My version shows 1.8.0_111 and the version in the tutorials shows 1.8.0_25. Please guide me on how to fix this. Is the Java JDK specific to certain versions of windows? I am using Windows 8 and I thought if it is because it is not compatible with that version.

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0 Nicholas Eason · November 30, 2016
The number at the end is the update version. In the tutorials, he is using Java 8 Update 25, and you are using Java 8 Update 111. There shouldn't be any issues if you just continue using Update 111.
0 Gary Whitney · December 5, 2016
Do you have a problem or an inconvenience?
"When I download the Java JDK, it doesn't run properly." This is not the same as my version is different that Bucky's.

Do you have a "doesn't run properly" issue?

Note: It is possible to have two versions of Java on your computer. One in Programs(x86) i.e. 32 bit and one in Programs i.e. 64 bit and this could cause some issues.
0 Tejas Parmar · December 22, 2016
that should not cause an issue. Can u explain exactly what is going wrong?
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