it shows "NDK not configured"

+5 santhosh manickam · November 18, 2016
I am a new bee to android.I did everything by step by step . I downloaded and installed NDK with sdk manager. Though it still shows the same problem. 
How to resolve ?

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0 Kevin Alexander · December 22, 2016
I wish someone would answer this. I'm haven't ng the same issue on my 32 bit machine. 
0 praveen Kumar · January 19, 2017
Try entering sdk.dir=*** in file
0 Ashley Wright · April 23, 2017
Go to file and give ndk path... for ex :


Then for the Next Problem or Error...

Goto JNI Folder and create an empty c file by any name... Then your problem will be solved...
0 Joshua Lopez · April 23, 2017
Could some please give me a step by step solution to fixing the ndk problem? like most new bees i followed things step by step, and I STILL screwed it up! please help me out. You can post it here or email it directly to me at . thanks for any help you can provide.
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