You always keep a mind of just doing something good to the world, but some bad guys sometimes even criminals came out to teach you a lesson, innocent people are forced to admit the truth there is not enough good people for bad people to use, if keep being good, you will be the loser in the jungle of vicious people who trusts the fittest survives

Hidden rule that good people doing nine good things, he did the tenth thing is a bad thing, soon most people think he is bad guy. Whereas, the long term bad guy did a small piece of good thing, then eveyone thinks he is a good guy.

See, the world is really unfair for good people, they lost a lot, being used and tossed, even it is harder to get respect than those bad people who knew how to pretend to look nice. What do you think, it is the fault of innocent people, or every one needs to learn how to protect themsleves?