Browser notification not showing for alerts

+1 Ivan the Terrible · November 13, 2016

I'm having a problem with getting the alert notification to show up in the last couple of tutorials...
I did some googling, trying to solve a potential problem within the browser(s), but with no luck. I started working in Firefox, and in the info box, it said that the site is blocking some permissions. When I learned I had to implement some API for Firefox, I decided to change to Chrome, and I did find where I can manage alerts/notifications, but it didn't change anything...

Here's a couple of screens of my code, including the file destinations at the top: 

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0 Scott Walker · November 13, 2016
No screen shots here mate
0 Jay Deshaun · November 13, 2016
Yea there's no screenshots there, also I've noticed for some sites that the notification isn't global as if you just came onto your browser it'll show; you would need to visit your site for the notification to show sometimes.
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