How to convert python script into an exe file.

0 Tim Dunn · October 14, 2016
Hey guys!

So I'm a teacher, and am learning Python alongside my kids in sort of a collaborative environment learning type. We're working with Python 3.5, and have been creating a simple programs.

Ideally they'd like to take these programs home show their parents without having to install any extra stuff on their own PC's at home, which I believe a simple executable file will allow them to do. The issue that I'm having trouble with is converting the script they have created into an exe file.

Doing this seems quite complicated. I've attempted using PyInstaller and Py2exe, but I think that because I'm using 3.5, it's more difficult than usual. Now I I'm not tech savvy by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm feeling my way through this as as I go.

I was wondering if someone could help me out, or point my in the right direction as to how to get this done. Ideally a step by step instruction would be fantastic, especially considering that I have little to no technical knowledge.

Cheers! :)

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+1 Arch38 ツ · October 15, 2016
Here is a video of bucky doing it :)

0 Landon Luman · March 15, 2017
Hi there!
    You may have accidentally passed it up but Pyinstaller does in fact support Python 3.5, a direct link to the download is right here:
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