i need help to connect my app to website

0 Mr Well · October 10, 2016
hi bucky... 
thank u for your great job..... 
i have a question: im working on my android project for my university but i have a problem! 
i wanna connect my app to university website, and unfurtunately they dont have json or they cant give me that! 
i want my login page like this: when someone enters his/her student code, the app takes him to his/her portal on website,not like a browser,like a real university app... 
can anyone help me on how my login page should recognize his/her student code and password or how to connect my login page to university database?? 
BTW i have watched all bucky and travis android tutorials...but i said,i cant use json... 
any help???

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+1 Josh Boongaling · October 22, 2016
Hi Mr Well,

    University websites don't usually have their own API's which you can connect with. The main problem is that you really need to have access first to the database and write your own web service. You would need the credentials to database and there's nothing we can really do. You would have to request access first. 

    There aren't really any shortcuts with this. Once you gain access to the database with the university's permission you would have to write a web service the outputs JSON (RESTful) from scratch. I wish you all the best!

0 Vlad Pshenychka · November 13, 2016
to tell the truth, I don’t have an answer to that question.. i had a problem with gson serialization and some guys I found when googling helped me.. well, you can try contacting them too www.erminesoft.com, that’s all I can help with
0 Rashid Sheikh · April 23, 2017
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