New Python tutorial series for beginners

0 M Jayanam · October 4, 2016
Hi, just registered here and want to let you know that I started a new Python programming tutorial series for absolute beginners. My channel is about game development (Unity, UE4) and 3D modeling with Blender but I want to add Python because it is easy to learn and needed to write Blender addons:

Hope you like it, please write me if you are interested in special topics.

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0 Carlos Moura · October 14, 2016
I know a site that has information about information technology. There they talk about all courses in you and teach Python, php, java script and more. The courses are meant for laypeople who do not know or did not know to program in any language. Not know programming logic. So enter the site and find out all about technology and computer courses involving IT courses.
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