+1 Chibulo Moonde · October 4, 2016
Hello, how does one get to get information from the sender, your videos doesn't go as far as showing how we can receive data from different website visitors....Please assist.

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0 pwntastic _ · October 7, 2016
I think these tutorials should serve as a small base but not an example for every thing that someone wants.  

You can ask a question here and someone may be able to assist.  At the moment your question is not clear you need to elaborate more on what you're doing.

For example, here are a few questions that come up when looking at your question: 

What sender?
What video are you referencing? (It may help to know what was being done in that video)
What kind of data are you trying to get from visitors? (The data you are looking for might not be accessible)
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