Why is all my javascript code returning blank in all my browsers?

0 Yan Mikhlin · September 19, 2016
Please help me. All the javascript examples in the tutorials that I type out in javascript are turning out blank and are returning nothing in all of my browsers even though I know all the browsers are javascript enabled and as far as I know, I'm typing everything correctly. Can anyone shed some light for me on this mystery.?? Thanks in advance.

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+1 Scott Walker · September 19, 2016
Without code we'd only be guessing
0 Yan Mikhlin · September 28, 2016
It's all right, I already found out the reason why. The reason was because I put the greater than (>) sign after the first "script" tag. It rendered all my javascript code between the script tags null and void. Understandable mistake for a newbie like me, huh? Thanks anyway, sir.
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