Question about an Interview on the 22nd

+4 Jean DeZonia · August 12, 2014
Hey everyone,

I've been working with java for the past couple months and I am getting better day by day :D

Thanks Bucky!

Well on the 22nd I have an interview as a Java Associate+ which is basically an entry level java position.

I am wondering what interview questions do you think they will ask? I was researching a bit about it (by the way the company is Accenture) and it seems some of the Java developer interview questions (pretty sure this isn't an entry level interview) dealt with interfaces, polymorphism and inheritance... Now Polymorphism and inheritance I know a bit about (still learning and making sure I'm ready for questions related to those)... BUT interface isn't introduced to me in bucky's tutorials (at least not the beginners).

Basically, what do you think I should know and expect from this interview? Also, this job (if I get it) gives me a 1 month course on JAVA (paid) to make sure I know my stuff. So again, what do you think I should expect and what should I make sure I've mastered.

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0 Yoncho Yonchev · August 13, 2014
Know how to program the language doesn't matter at all. Don't fool yourself with lines like I know java. I work with java on daily bases and even I have to look up from time to time this or that.

Interface is something like agreement that the classes that implements it have to implement its methods. You can inherit only one class but multiple interfaces. 

The best book ever about java interview questions :

Have fun and enjoy and remember better to be humble and know your stuff then to have big expectations and nothing in your hand to cover it.
0 Dmitry Anashko · August 13, 2014
I want to apply for accenture aswell but I am newbie programmer so I also want to know it :)
0 Craig Certo · August 13, 2014

That link has probably the easier questions you will find in a Java interview(even at entry level).

If you do not know the majority of this i would consider not even doing the interview. You need to have more experience than watching Bucky's tutorials to become an expert programmer. 
0 Jean DeZonia · August 15, 2014
Thank you for the help everyone.

Craig I am fully aware that you need to now "more" than just bucky's tutorials to become an "Expert" programmer, but i'm not interviewing for "expert" programmer... 
0 chris elviss · April 23, 2017
Hope this will help you....

0 chris elviss · September 13, 2017
A good collection of...Java Interview Questions

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