Need help in installing ubuntu through VM

0 Programming Newbie · September 19, 2016
I first managed to install ubuntu 16.04 (64bit), and it was lagging a lot. Using mozilla was horrendous experience as it crashed many times while browsing and I had to restart the virtual machine everytime to open any webpage. So I tried to install ubuntu 16.04 (32bit version), and that's where I am stuck now. I have not been able to install that or any other distro after that initial time it worked. I am not sure whether it is my PC or it is virtual desktop, it keeps giving me the error since then: "Cannot access the kernel driver! Make sure the kernel module has been loaded successfully." Please let me know if you can help. my computer is windows 10, 64bit and 8gb ram. trying to install it through Virtual box. 

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0 wernich wilsenach · September 21, 2016
did you delete the old one and start from scratch with a 32 bit vm? i haven't tried a 32bit OS on a 64bit vm yet, but i did try it on the other way round and it kicked up a fuss from the start.

also, you haven't done any windows updates in the meantime? my last windows 10 update broke virtualbox, so i had to install a new version (it seems virtualbox releases one update for every 10 java updates... which works out to roughly one update every 20 minutes).
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