+1 Barry Landis · August 12, 2014

How did Bucky learn to teach so clearly? School? Maybe Boston has good schools. I hope employers appreciate the most excellent communication skills. I'm an airbrush artist, with some graphic design skills...trying to learn Java Script so that I can make a program that I designed...(figured out a way to divide money between multiple people by votes...and I've not seen that before..so was trying to program for that...plus I want to do UX design...so need Java for some of that.) As for programming and computers, seems like these are the ONLY videos that I can learn ANYTHING from because I am so dense...and these are easy on the nerves.....some other videos by other instructors are just hard to take. I watched his After Effects tutorials and couldn't believe that the Java Script videos were by the same person. I hope I can learn Java. My website is turtlecar. Checkout my airbrush artwork. Peace. 

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+1 Buddy Blackford · August 12, 2014
Can you make a sweet 49ers painting!?
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