I need help creating a video playlist like youtube or thenewboston

0 jovani calixte · September 10, 2016
hello guy im trying to create a video playlist similar to youtube or thenewboston  playlist. 

my problem is how do i create the result of the second value in my url 

this is how the url look like when you click on a category (http://localhost/codeplus/watch.php?cat=2)

then all the links related to this category are displayed at the bottom but   when i click on the bottom link  i get this  (http://localhost/codeplus/watch.php?cat=2&video=1) but i  dont know how to get the retunr value from the &video=1 part to display  please help and thank you

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+1 Marcos Paegle · September 28, 2016
Try this $_GET['video'] and $_GET['cat']. Learn mor about GET and POST methods.
0 pwntastic _ · September 29, 2016
If $_GET['cat'] was already used once, I would imagine the user understand the usage of $_GET.  

I'm wondering if this is an issue with the way the code is structured. A code sample and or more information from the OP would help.
0 jovani calixte · October 14, 2016
thank you mate
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