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0 Algernon Ip Vai Ching · September 4, 2016
Hello everyone, 

I have been trying to download Eclipse a few times today but the website seems to be down.
Does anyone happen to know if there are any reliable mirrors and where I can find these?:)

Kind regards, 

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+1 Nicholas Eason · September 5, 2016 loaded fine for me. Upon further research, it was down for most of today, but it seems to be back up.
0 Algernon Ip Vai Ching · September 5, 2016
update: the website is finally (partially) back up. At least enough to download the installer so that problem solved itself:)
0 Algernon Ip Vai Ching · September 10, 2016
@Nicholas Eason, sorry for ignoring you, somehow your message didn't show up when I typed my update, saw it just now. Thank your reply!
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