what is vt

0 Gursimran Kochar · September 2, 2016
in my avd it says vt disabled.......what is it and how do i enable it/images/forum/upload/2016-08-31/ab1fd32351ab2f8b319766e2882891fc.jpg

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+3 Gary Whitney · September 2, 2016
The short answer is it is the ability of the chipset installed  on your motherboard  to accelerate graphics.
Read this intel link
0 Gursimran Kochar · September 10, 2016
that did not help me at all.....a friend told me that all i had to was enable virtual someting in my bios..... :O
0 Saurabh Damele · September 10, 2016
Yeah we need to enable the Virtualization settings in the BIOS.

If you are using Win 8/81/10 then follow these steps :

1. Go to settings
2. Click on Update & Security
3. Click on "Recovery"
4. Click on the "Restart Now" --   This will restart your system.
5. Click on "TroubleShoot"
6. Click on "Advanced Option"
7. Click on UEFI Frame Settings
8. Click Restart
9. Click on BIOS Setup as per option available
10. Go to System Configuration
11. Change the value of Virtualization Technology from Disabled to Enabled
12. Save and Exit
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