just a quick question about c++ with a few long history bout myself

0 clintoncute lim · August 29, 2016
Hi, im not really that new to programming but i had a few sets of questions in my mind when i took the course itself 8 years ago. during those times i wasnt really sure what i wanted to do so i didnt took programming seriously. so you could say i forgot all of the syntax which is why im learning from the start even though i still remember some of the basics. now, my question is, how do people create apps in c++? cause the only thing i know is to run apps thru cmd compilers. so i was wondering how do people create such apps and install them into other machines or in smart cards etc. ive have that question for a very very long time. well yeah, just only in c++ since i really wanna focus on creating programs and apps using c++. sorry for the long post though, im taking this chance since i dont wanna die(something wrong with my spine and cant walk properly as well as something's wrong with my heart, liver, stomach for whatever reason that i dont know.) without having to not know the answers to these questions. im currently also watching videos of bucky to learn every basic things in c++ and their syntax. so yeah, sorry for the long long post. and thank you. :D

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0 Ali H · September 4, 2016
Hi friend,
I'll try to answer u as much as possible, first I really hope you'll get well and learn programming soon, I'm new to programming myself but I'll try to help as much as I can.

Your first question “How do people create apps in c++?”
I'll take what u mean by apps, is a gui program that's able to interact with the user, you're right,, programs, codes are everywhere, on your phone, computer, tab, stove, fridge, car, u name it, so yeah it'd be nice to  interact with a gui (Graphical User Interface),,, not sure if most people would like to write command lines to interact with their stove, or even their computers, so there is a huge collections of programming languages and frameworks (basically languages that needs some more code learning), so start with Visual C++ from Microsoft, u can get for free,,,, google or youtube (vc++ windows form application tutorials), that's how to make gui programs to make your users happy.

Your second question “how to install apps on other machines?”
I think you're talking about bundling up your finished project, most IDEs should have the ability to build executable files (.exe) out of your project, and then later you can use one of the 3rd party programs to create an installer, you'll find a bunch of programs for that purpose,,,, google “installer maker or setup creator”

Your third question “how to install apps on smart cards?”
I think you're talking about boards and micro-controllers, that's a whole lot bigger field, industry level type of deal, but it's possible,, so for a start u can jump on the “Arduino open source board”, I'm telling u, that thing is pretty powerful, and it's very cheap and it teaches u a lot, u can really build some cool electronics with it, and it comes with an IDE that uses c++, how cool is that,,,, google “arduino”

Time to wrap up,,, and you're saying ur post was long :):D

Good luck
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